Standard Expanded Metal

Strand and Bond

Expanded metal is composed of strands and bonds. Strands form the sides of the expanded metal openings. Bonds are where the strands intersect. In other words, the bond is where each diamond shaped opening is connected with the next opening.



SWD (Short Way of the Diamond) is the distance from the middle of the bond on one side to the middle of the bond on the opposite side.



LWD (Long Way of the Diamond) is the distance across the largest dimension of the diamond measured halfway between the diamonds.


Gauge or Thickness

Thickness is the measurement from the top surface to bottom surface of the expanded metal piece. Gauge is the most common measurement, but thickness can also be measured in fractional inches or millimeters.



Width and Length


Length is the measure of the longest side of the expanded metal sheet or cut-to-size piece. Width is the measure of the shortest side of the sheet or cut-to-size piece.


Determining SWD, LWD Direction

The illustration to the right shows the correct way to designate SWD and LWD dimensions in relation to the length or width.

LWD Direction
Parallel to Length

LWD Direction
Parallel to Width

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